Why this blog?

Twitter seems to require an underlying blog so you can TinyUrl to a more complete explanation of What You Really Think. I must say that it’s a useful, thought clarifying challenge to condense big thoughts down to the 140 character tweet. And a release to then be able to have the details gushing out in another place 🙂

AND… the reason I started on Twitter at all was to see if I could follow folks who are involved in the big theme-y things that seem to define my life (of course my goal is see whether/how these might be pulled together — and to contribute to that if possible):

  • education
  • education as impacted by technology (social change, critical thinking, information literacy)
  • the participatory web and roles of the citizen (e.g. sharing our cognitive surplus)
  • peace/conflict resolution
  • creativity over destructiveness
  • civic responsibility/resisting unwanted influences
  • the role of culture and the arts in all of the above

Some of the key thinkers are Phil Zimbardo, Clay Shirky, Charles Leadbeater, Michael Wesch, Matt Langdon, etc. (ooh, where are the women here — I guess that’s another topic — I do follow Yoko Ono and a few female educators – but they offer something different). It’s very cool who’s out there, what they’re saying, who will actually answer you back, etc.

Another place where I am having conversations along these lines is the Ning site  http://echoesfromthesquare.ning.com/ I’ve put together with my children’s book (“Echoes from the Square”) as a central organizer. But the conversations at that site are intended to be mainly on the education-for-kids side, so this blog is required for when I drift into other things.


One Response to Why this blog?

  1. Matt Langdon says:

    Check out Whitney Johnson at http://www.daretodream.typepad.com/

    She’s got some thoughts on the female hero’s journey.

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