Day 1 and Day 2 of “romancing the stones”

August 19, 2014

So…. in a sense these pictures speak for themselves. First and second day of adding stones to the path. We are less than 7% done at the end of day two. So far most stones are from Butler Brothers – but a few are ones found on the farm and tonight we’re going to see if we can get some from the beach.

derykcastingastone elizabethwithhardhat

Results after first day - which included a bit of readjusting

Results after first day – which included a bit of readjusting

31 paces completed at the end of day 2

31 paces completed at the end of day 2

It’s just been me and Deryk so far – but maybe a work party or two will be happening in the near future.

Labyrinth outline complete!

August 16, 2014

Deryk and I finished the line-drawing on the ground today. We walked it together and found that it’s about 1000 steps (well, probably more accurately 960) to walk from the entrance of the labyrinth “proper” and back out again. Which means that our original estimate of one kilometer for the whole path including our Apple Tree Lane and a circle around the field before entering the labyrinth is pretty much accurate.

We had some helpers today! Thanks Sue and Libby and some others as well – the centre hole is dug and some of the blackberries still growing on the far side of the wall have been tackled.

Here are a couple of new pictures.labyrinthwithSculpture


And for a quick look at “then and now” see my July post that also references last October

Beginning of Labyrinth Layout

August 16, 2014

On Thursday we got the first outer rings of the labyrinth mapped out. It’s very exciting!! 


Yesterday we got close to the centre but there are so many little thistles popping up. We started to see them within a week of leveling the ground and the tilling hasn’t gotten rid of them – they are deep and they run roots in all directions under the ground. So we are taking the time to pull them.


Looks like some small sticks on a pillowcase but it’s actually a fairly large tarp and those roots are big!

Today we’re pretty sure we will have competed the full labyrinth (in linear form) to be visible on the ground. The lines we are making will become the centre of a chip path – rows of plantings (not sure what yet) will be in between the rings of the path.

As for the thistles – with almost daily weeding, I am keeping them at bay in Apple Tree Lane – so we know they *can* be managed. Sort of. 

Lots more pictures to come from me  – and there’s info on Deryk’s website too.

Samuel and the roto-tiller

August 13, 2014


One more attack on the thistles that continue to pop up!

A hint of what the labyrinth will be like with sculptures installed

August 4, 2014
Early Morning at Woodwynn

Early Morning at Woodwynn

“The Children’s International Peace and Harmony Statue”, by American artist David Kocka was moved onto the site on Aug 2, followed by Deryk and Samuel’s sculpture “Points of Origin”.

Both are shown in the above photo, shot by me on August 3 (yesterday), early in the morning.

And I have found a quote that inspires me for the glass and metal sculpture that I’ll be doing with Sam. I’ve known for a while that it’s title will be “Solstice” and now I think an Albert Camus quote has to be part of it as well

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

To me this fits the spirit of Woodwynn Farms and it evokes the idea of transitions (seasonal or otherwise) that happen to people and to the natural world. Short days do get longer. Long days do get shorter.

I don’t know yet if this quote is from a book, essay or ? but I will find out. I’ve seen the quote online as both “in the *midst* of winter…” and “in the *depth* of winter” which of course is probably just related to the translation from the French. Either way is fine, and my hope is for the rising summer solstice sun to glow through warm-coloured recycled glass and convey a feeling of invincible summer. I am excited about this project. The location saved for the piece is perfect – a corner of the labyrinth perimeter where the view down the valley is stunning. I know Samuel will create a beautiful welded shape and I will have the fun of working with the glass that will be incorporated.

Today is a day for reflection on many things, and the Albert Camus quote can certainly be a good starting point.

Finally…. here is my own little thought today about the meaning of solstice…. “Sometimes time must turn around in order to move forward”

#CIJRoadTrip – Canada: Victoria BC

August 1, 2014

Elizabeth Wellburn:

I am very grateful to be featured on this Etsy Road Trip!

Originally posted on EtsyChristmasInJuly:

Contributor post by Megha of byTheArtBug

Let’s Travel to Canada – Victoria BC with Elizabeth Wellburn’s of ElizabethLovesGlass

1. What city do you live in? What makes it special?

Canada, Victoria BC. I think it’s special for many reasons including a wonderful artsy community, fabulous gardens, close to farmland and there are lots of old houses that have been restored.

Abkhazi Garden - Victoria Canada

Abkhazi Garden – Victoria Canada

The Butchart Gardens - Vancouver Island Canada

The Butchart Gardens – Vancouver Island Canada

2. What are several places everyone visiting your country should see?

Canada is huge! Everyone who comes to Victoria should see Butchart Gardens. The west coast has many wonderful attractions including the Whistler resort and the bustling city of Vancouver. Traveling across the country is a lengthy process, but there are beautiful places in the Rockies, on the prairies, the big cities like Toronto and Montreal and the east coast is also amazing with folk music and much…

View original 188 more words

Old enough to know better

August 1, 2014

“Old enough to know better” is the name for an exhibition I’m doing with my husband
Deryk Houston at Sooke Harbour House where we’re featured artists for the month of September. That’s only a month away!

The title of our show was inspired by one of Deryk’s recent paintings. He completed it on the lawn of the Empress one recent Sunday while I basked in the shade and it included the two of us floating above some farmland that has lots of the qualities of the Saanich Peninsula where we’ve been volunteering and building a labyrinth/sculpture park for Woodwynn Farms Therapeutic community for hopefulness. If you’ve seen this blog before, you’ll know that lot of our time is spent there… no wonder the beauty of the area permeates our work.

Deryk’s painting is here

Too Old to Waste Any More Time

Too Old to Waste Any More Time

“Old enough to know better” also relates to my hoarding (I call it collecting inventory) tendencies when it comes to vintage glass and to the titles of my pieces, which are named after old movies or old jazz standards. For me it’s all about linking the past to the present – through preservation, upcycling, reworking, etc.

How Deep is the Ocean?

How Deep is the Ocean?

This glass on glass mosaic got its title from an Irving Berlin song that was written in 1932 – old enough to…….


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